Rubbish was started by Elena and Emin, two friends that didn't love growing up in a city covered in litter. 

They decided that litter doesn't have to be a regular part of city living, and Rubbish was born!

Rubbish uses technology to figure out litter trends. Their iOS app builds maps of litter to evaluate each block’s litter footprint which helps them identify and implement solutions to create litter free communities.

Want to know how much litter is on your block?

Get the rubbish IOS app and test your guess!

Meet Rubbish!

Rubbish a San Francisco based community cleanup app dedicated to making your neighborhood a litter free zone. For all of Rubbish's dirty details check out


Rubbish created the rubbish app to map and track litter. 

Then, they created the rubbish beam, to make mapping while cleaning even easier and even more fun!. 

The rubbish app and beam work together and make you and your team look like rubbish super heroes that you are!

Get the The rubbish Beam

Rubbish picked up over 8,000 cigarettes (in under 60 days) off of Polk St in San Francisco, CA


Their #trashtag reddit post got quite a bit of attention....> 

And a #trashtag meme was born


but wait there's more!!! We promise you that the reddit community does not disappoint!

Trash Thor


And the Trash Thore meme was born. 

So what has Rubbish done to help solve the butt problem on Polk St?? 


The Butt Problem Solution

Obviously there's a lot of love for cigarettes on Polk Street in San Francisco and perhaps even in your neighborhood too. 

Rubbish's super hero solution to this problem? They installed a cigarette disposal station in the areas where they picked up the highest concentration of butts. 

Read all about it here:


Who took notice of Rubbish's Butt solution? The University of Pennsylvania

And they're hosting a Cigarette Butt Cleanup Walk using the beloved Rubbish app! 

Get all the details here


Ocean Beach Rubbish Beach Cleanup!

10am - 1pm

Ocean Beach San Francisco

+ Event Details


Ocean Beach Rubbish Beach Cleanup!

Please join Rubbish, The Surfrider Foundation, and Binghamton University Sunday, April 4th, 2019 at #OceanBeach #SanFrancisco for a #beach #cleanup! #Rubbish developed an #iOS #app and rubbish beam to make picking up #litter fun, informative, and easy. For more > app/rubbish-love-where-you-live  #lovewhereyoulive #trashtag

10am - 1pm

Ocean Beach San Francisco