Terri boasts a menu packed with cancer and age fighting antioxidants, zero cholesterol and no artificial ingredients. Longtime friends, Craig Cochran and Michael Pease, co-founded Terri with the idea that healthy super foods should be as accessible as traditional fast food. Wholesome foods should not be a luxury and they strive to make this the standard.

Brooklyn Rose 

(vegan bakery)

Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery and Pastry Company combines delicious sweets with cruelty-free living. Their desserts prove that you don’t need to sacrifice your health, or the health of our animal friends, to thoroughly enjoy scrumptious treats.


(organic energy drinks)

RUNA - Fair Trade Certified (a fair price is paid to the farmers). B-corporation (‘B’ stands for "Benefit" for the environment, society, employees, and community). 

Cell-nique Super Green Drink & Living Harvest Hemp Products


Hudson River Foods - retrofitted with the latest green technology to achieve maximum sustainability; leaving a smaller human footprint than when they started. 

Cell-nique Super Green - gluten free, low glycerin and an excellent source of vegan protein.


(plant based fast food restaurant)

Vegan cuisine from 5 star rated vegan burgers to organic tea. Sustainable, organic, seasonal, local. 

Beyond Sushi

(vegan sushi eatery)

Beyond Sushi - "You do not have to be vegan to enjoy our menu,” "It's all about detoxing from our daily eating habits, reducing our ecological footprint, while ensuring environmental sustainability.”

Nuttin Ordinary

(nut based cheeses)

Nuttin Ordinary - 100% certified organic cashew preservative free, non-dairy, and guiltless vegan cheese spread. 


(combating poverty with trees)

Trees for Life International's started planting fruit trees early 1980’s. 

Where? India, Guatemala, Cambodia, Nepal, Costa Rica, Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and El Salvador. 

How many trees has their community planted? Tens of millions of wonderful fruit trees. 

Planting fruit trees for economic development, community building, and a bonus of carbon offsetting. Awesome work!

Brooklyn Dark


You are one chocolate away from a happier day!


(snack bars and foods)

Sheffa bars are energy - give your body what it needs! Fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and vegetarian proteins, like legumes, nuts, seeds, gluten free and non-GMO.

Manitoba Harvest

(hemp foods)


Canadian farmers influencing other Canadian farmers to grow non-GMO hemp seeds. They have a triple-bottom-line approach: people, planet, and profits and are a Certified B Corporation.