Chef Oscar 

(is vegan revolution)

Oscar, making people happy with great food. Who's ready for fresh macaroni and cheese? 

The V-Spot


One-of-it's-kind restaurant is changing the way you enjoy Latin dishes with vegan, kosher, and gluten free options! 

Ultima Replenisher

(electrolyte water enhancer)

Ultima Replenisher - formulated for the whole family, from toddlers to seniors. Where can you purchase this electrolyte water enhancer? Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Shoppe, or on Amazon. Stay hydrated! 

Regal Vegan

(dips and spreads)

Gourmet vegan dips and spreads for a decadent superfood experience! Made with love and respect not only for the enlightened eater or the picky gourmand, but for the animals, and our wild, precious planet as well. 


(organic food products)

Super people deserve Superfoods! Nutiva’s sustainable efforts are impressive. How impressive you say? They were awarded the Gold Standard Zero Waste certification from the United States Zero Waste Business Council. 

Certified: organic, Non-GMO verified, Fair Trade, gluten-free, kosher, California Green Business, Safe Quality Foods, Zero Waste Facility.

Jonathan's Sprouts, Inc.


You can thank Jonathan's Sprouts for your sprouts. They founded the New England Sprout Growers Association in 1984 and work with New England sprout companies to promote and grow the industry (along with more sprouts).


(vegan catering)

Are you hungry?! Are you in NYC? Then you need to try SoulKofa's Crispy Soul Chicken, Chicken-less Nuggets, Barbecue Tofu, General Tso's Tofu, Barbecue Ribs, macaroni and cheese, and their Jerk Chicken. Where you say? Gourmet Garage, Mr. Melon, Back to the Land, Natural Frontier Market, Downtown Natural, Green Market, DNY Natural Land, Mr.Coco, Pine Tree, and Mr.Pina. Mmmmm yum!


Aiva Naturals

(cakes and cookies)

Cakes are not available for purchase online but we have good news, their cookies are! 

La Crêpe C’est Si Bon

(crêperie) (part 1)

Claudia's neighborhood didn't have a creperie, so she had to right this wrong! 

La Crêpe C’est Si Bon

(crêperie) (part 1)

Now that you've met Claudia, enjoy one of her crêpes! 

DaRosario Organic 

(truffle products)

For over 30 years chefs have relied on Rosario Safina for quality truffles and truffle products. You may have seen him as a guest on Martha Stewart Living and CNN, or in the New York Times and Vogue.

Simply Protein

(protein bars)

Healthy snacks for busy people. Environmentally friendly as possible.

Amrita Bars

(protein bars)

The grab-and-go go-to protein bars with an ingredient list that reads like you could have made in your kitchen. Free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy. 

Heat Sweets

(sweet and spicy jellies and relishes)

Heat Sweets - handcrafted all natural condiments, jellies, and relishes that combine the kick of hot peppers with sweetness and freshness of whole fruits, vegetables and juices. All of their products are fat free, gluten free, vegan, and free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Their hot pepper jellies are low sugar recipes since sugar should never the first ingredient in jelly!

We Vegans

(ranch dressings)

Just a couple of vegans trying to make it in the world by creating vegan goodness. And they have exceeded our expectations with their spicy chipotle ranch and ranch dressings. Bring us a salad and fries please! 

Upton's Naturals

(vegan meat)

Upton’s Naturals - real ingredients and real people with vegan values. 

Chai Mookie's


Chai Mookie - Fair Trade spices, antioxidant rich, delivered to you the same day it was blended, guaranteed.