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Don't Call Them Winged Rats—These Pigeons Are Exquisite

Don't Call Them Winged Rats—These Pigeons Are Exquisite

Inside Edition

Calf Rescued During Hurricane Harvey Thinks She's a Dog

"Meet Harveigh. The calf was found alone during Hurricane Harvey and now the people she lives with say she's part of the family! The 400 pound bovine even learned to open the door and let herself in! At first, she stayed in the laundry room but had to move outside once she got to be a little bigger. She's even won over the family dog."

Upcycle an Old Sweater into a Dog Bed | DIY

Upcycle your old sweater and pillows into a cozy sweater bed to keep your furry companion company even when you're not there. Cute!

Esther the Wonder Pig

"Some always need to be the center of attention."

Brazilian Prank: Sausages

The Dodo

Dog Takes Herself Sledding 


"This dog lost his paw at just three months old – but a plastic paw made normal life possible again. Prosthesis makes life better for countless amputees. Many of the advances in comfort, range of motion and durability come from plastics."

Lost Cow Found Months Later with Herd of Bison

"A cow escaped her farm in Poland in November and is living her new life. She has been found months later roaming a forest with a herd of European bison. Forest officials say the herd has fully accepted the cow as one of their own."

Abraham Twerski - Love of Giving

"So much of what is love, is fish love." 

- Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

Lizard Whisperer

"This guy traveled to Spain to study this species of lizards and decided to hold an apple to get a closer look at them. As soon as he put the apple near the ground, a bunch of lizards popped out of the bush and started crawling all over him."

Man Untangles Wolf Spider

"Texas wolf spider that allows me to untangle him from the carpet fibers wrapped around his feet. I know it's an arachnid, so no comments about the term 'insect' please. Watch as he calms down and raises his feet in cooperation. This is a very smart Spider."