NuGO Free Taste Off (part 1) (food review) (2011)

Brian and Selena taste test Nu-Go Bars live. In this episode we eat Crispy Cat Mint Coconut v/s NuGo Dark: Mint Chocolate Chip! 

NuGO Free Taste Off (part 2)

(food review) (2011)

Brian goes for the chocolate. Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Crunch v/s Crispy Cat Toasted Almond it is. 

NuGO Free Taste Off Finale (part 3)

(food review) (2011)

Selena and Brian end the NuGO Free Taste Off with the Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Trail Mix. If you want to know which bars we enjoyed the most, watch this episode.

Go For The Green, Green Juice Taste Off! 


Howard and Selena go for the green... green juice that is. If you're into green juice, watch this. If you're not into green juice, watch this!

Sprout Baby Food Taste Off (part 1) 

(food review) (2011)

Selena bought vegan baby food at San Francisco International Airport and has convinced Howard to taste test with her. 

In this episode we taste sweet baby carrots baby food. Yummm...?

Sprout Baby Food Taste Off (part 2) 

(food review) (2011)

Howard and Selena taste Sprout's Sweet Peas & Green Beans and Baked Sweet Potatoes in episode two. Will they make the "baby face" as they eat this baby food? 

Sprout Baby Food Taste Off (part 3) 

(food review) (2011)

Dessert! What are Howard and Selena having for dessert? Roasted Pears and Peach Rice Pudding vegan and organic baby food.  

In episode three Howard and Selena have a thought provoking discussion concerning the quality, overall taste, and packaging of Sprout Baby Food.